It's Friday and you made it through yet another week! I know to us creatives and entrepreneurs Friday is just another day of the week, as well all know, those appointments, invoices and projects rarely take any days off...yet it's still something magical about Friday, it just feels right!

That being said, I'd like to celebrate the fact that we are here this vision is officially on it's way...membership cards have been mailed, magazine subscriptions have been ordered and one on one business call to discuss your vision, branding and ideas for your next or current venture have been scheduled. Since the kick off of this exciting venture earlier this month we've been moving fast, our DMV (DC, MD and VA) chapter have scheduled multiple local events to end the last quarter of the year and our travel dates for next year are getting solidified right now as we speak. We urge all members and non-members to keep a close eye on the calendar (signup on homepage with your email) as well as inform us with any events in your area that you think would enjoy! For our out of state members, not to worry you are our first priority. Our online activity will be increasing dramatically in the next few weeks and our network is in the works of expanding to the following states; NYC, FL, TX and ATL! If you're in any of the aforesaid locations and want to become involved please shoot us an email. In the meantime remember these things 1) We are open to all suggestions and ideas. 2) No matter what state you live in we want to hear about any upcoming exciting events and/or projects you're working on. 3) We are available for one on one video chats to discuss membership and/or your business needs.

Ladies we have a great deal to celebrate and to think, this is just the beginning...HAPPY FRIDAY! - Genny B. (Founder and CEO)

Photo Credit: @41winks

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