1. Start each day with mediation and/or prayer. Studies show that our bodies and mind respond to quiet and stillness, which create the perfect environment for our meditation and prayer life. When you awake in the morning your body has had time to rest and recover from the stress of the day before, your senses heightened and your mind is clear, it’s the perfect time to seek direction and to become one with God and the universe. Besides, when would you have time to do it otherwise? Once your day begins and you open the laptop, check those DM’s and listen to your messages your time is no longer your own.

2. Don’t forget to take your vitamins. Daily supplements and vitamin intake are very important for entrepreneurs on the go. I know first hand that once you start on a project stopping to eat and even taking the time to figure out what you’re going to eat can sometimes be the biggest task of the day. Vitamins, supplements and/or nutrition drinks are a good way to keep your engine burning, although we all know that eating three (3) balanced meals a day in addition to proper vitamins is the real way to go.

3. A short walk goes a long way. You’d be surprised how a short walk can clear your mind. Overwhelmed? Take a short walk! Writers block? Take a short walk! Stuck on a project? Take a short walk! That’s right, sometimes the one thing that can help us climb out of a hole is a short walk. Now, this walk doesn’t include music blaring out of your ear buds or your phone sending you alerts every 5 minutes…this walk consist of quiet, all digital equipment and apps should be shut "off."

4. Skip the shower and run a bath. For the most part you’ve either been on your feet all day or sitting at your desk. Instead of jumping in and out of the shower run a warm bath and don’t hold back on all the fixings…candles, rose petals, soothing music lavender oil, epson salt etc. Don’t hold back, make this experience your in-home spa time, this time and retreat to your lavatory could possibly be the one good thing you have to look forward to all day. Make no mistake about it, I’m well aware that this may not be possible to do every day...but try to fit it in at least once or twice a week. You can thank me later!

5. Set the clock. Although the above tips are just a few, they can still be hard to accomplish on a daily basis. One thing I find that helps with seeing these things through to the best of my ability is to set your alarms in your phones and on your calendar, you're sure to get at least a few of them done. The more that we have on our plate and the more our business grows, we need reminders throughout the day to keep us on track...and taking care of yourself should be first on the list.

Author’s Bio

Genneya (Genny B.) Briscoe, is a Native Washingtonian creative who leads a non-profit and chapter of women in the DC area. Her free time is devoted to creating in both fashion and interior design. She has always used her platform to promote creatives and small business owners in the community. To connect with her and to support/follow her efforts you can find her here; Designers’ Row https://www.instagram.com/designersrow/ MWiiD https://www.instagram.com/m.w.i.i.d/ GENNYBEE & CO https://www.instagram.com/gennybeeandco/

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