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Genneya Rochelle Briscoe
Founder and CEO

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"There's power in numbers...together we have the ability to go further, reach higher heights and pave the way for those traveling behind us".


- Genneya Rochelle Briscoe, MWiiD Founder and CEO

Genneya Rochelle Briscoe is a native Washingtonian creative and influencer with a passion for fashion, interior design and the arts. For over 10 years she has been active in supporting small business owners and creatives on several platforms, from pop-up shops to group efforts and projects. By being a small business owner, she has learned first hand of the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and the lack of support that is sometimes experienced among ones peers and community.

MWiiD was created to afford women minority business owners and creatives alike an opportunity to commune with like minded individuals through creative networking and  travel venues, as well as, learning opportunities and services on and offline.



In addition to online training, services and perks. We have members and events across the United States and would love to link up and connect you to our community!

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